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Theme Park Reviewer Jessica Brambilla Explains Why Busch Gardens Is One Florida’s Top Parks

Theme park reviewer Jessica Brambilla recently explained

Orlando has frequently been named the theme park capital of the world. However, those who are in the know about Florida theme parks know that Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is near the top of the list. Other popular Florida parks, like world-famous Disney World and Universal Orland Resort, often enjoy the spotlight when it comes to must-visit theme parks in the state. Although, theme park reviewer Jessica Brambilla recently stated that Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is not one that should be overlooked.

“This is a bucket-list-worthy park in an area of the state that can easily create an unforgettable vacation,” Jessica Brambilla said. “Anyone who has already tackled Disney and Universal or is just looking for a different and more laid-back experience should head straight to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

Jessica Brambilla explained that Busch Gardens is arguably her favorite park in Florida for roller coasters. As a professional roller coaster reviewer, Jessica Brambilla offers a viewpoint thrill-seekers should trust. She explained that it’s easy to spend an entire day riding coasters and other hair-raising rides, which is something many assume is reserved for Universal Orlando and other more recognized parks.

Jessica Brambilla (12)“The Iron Gwazi is the fastest, steepest, and tallest hybrid coaster in North America, and it’s not located at Disney or Universal. It’s located at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, and it’s a reason to visit alone,” Jessica Brambilla said.

Jessica Brambilla added that the coaster reaches a 206-foot-tall apex, and reaches up to 76 miles per hour on the 91-foot-tall drop. She explained that the park is also home to the country’s first dual tailspin waterslide, the Solar Vortex. The Solar Vortex takes water sliding to new heights, with huge banks, hair-raising descents, swirls and more.

Jessica Brambilla added that Busch Gardens certainly is not just a park for thrill-seekers, as half of the park is dedicated to animals. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is home to one of the country’s most highly-accredited zoos, featuring more than 200 species of animals. The park is known for providing world-class care for the animals on site and nursing those in danger back to health. Jessica Brambilla explained that Busch Gardens animal experiences are Humane Certified, so this a zoo atmosphere families can feel good about visiting.

“The Serengeti Safari takes visitors on an exciting safari ride, where they can admire real African wildlife up-close,” Jessica Brambilla said. “Giraffes, zebras, rhinos, and antelope are just some of the many animals you can see and snap photos of on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.”

Jessica Brambilla concluded that Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is a park for those who are looking for a less-crowded, more affordable alternative to the ever-popular Disney and Universal parks across the state. She emphasized that the wide-open, less-touristy feel is especially advantageous during these times when theme park goers need to practice more caution due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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