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Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota’s Guide to Theme Park Virtual Reality

Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota Discusses A Safe Way to Enjoy Theme Parks During the Pandemic

Theme parks are a lot of fun, but ever since the coronavirus, people have not been able to enjoy them. To help, Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota has a guide to enjoy theme parks in virtual reality.

Jessica Brambilla SarasotaMany people have grown up with theme parks being one of the most joyous things to do. The attractions, the rides, the food, and the general atmosphere of a good theme park can make memories that will last forever. Unfortunately, however, most theme parks are shut down, thanks to the coronavirus, and as such, people cannot make those memories as easily. In order to help alleviate this somewhat, Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota has created a guide to virtual reality (VR) theme parks: what to play and how to play them.

Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota’s Guide to Theme Park VR

The first thing you need to do is figure out how to play VR games. There are various options available depending on what you already have. For people who do not have a computer built for video games, Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota recommends something like the Oculus Quest or Oculus Link, which are their own devices that work without needing anything else. If you are willing to pay more and have a good setup for it, something like an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift might be more up your alley, Jessica Brambilla notes, which work with a computer or laptop, though it will need to be capable of running it well.

The HTC Vive is a more complicated setup, using surrounding cameras to create an area to walk around in VR. VR devices that allow for freedom of movement allow for exploration of environments in more interesting ways than when stationary, Jessica Brembilla of Sarasota explains.

Now, onto the games. There are different ways to go about theme park VR games; the most common type is roller coaster VR games, basically putting you on rails and giving you the opportunity to get the sheer rush of being on an actual roller coaster. Jessica Brambilla finds it amazing how your mind feels like there is no difference between being on a VR roller coaster and being on a real one. Some VR theme park games allow you to walk around a theme park environment, giving you that theme park exploration factor.

One game that stands out to Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota is RollerCoaster Tycoon Joyride, a game about owning, operating, and constructing a theme park. Not only that, however, but you can even make and ride your own roller coasters! No longer are you limited by the imaginations of actual roller coasters, so you can actually have a new experience with roller coasters whenever you want, Jessica Brambilla notes.

About Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota

Jessica Brambilla is a theme park aficionado, with a particular emphasis on roller coasters. Riding roller coasters has always been Jessica Brambilla’s go-to activity for a good time and a quick thrill-ride. It’s more than just a passing interest to Jessica Brambilla: she’s willing to travel as far as she needs to in order to ride the biggest and best. Whether wood or steel, standing or inverted, Jessica Brambilla welcomes every variation of coaster and gives every single one an equal chance to thrill her.

When she’s not on the rides and roller-coasters, Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota is taking in the live attractions and finding the best restaurants to eat at while spending a day in the park. No matter which theme park you go to, it’s safe to say the food is going to be a bit more expensive than you’re used to. Jessica Brambilla is determined to find the best quality food that will get you the most bang for your buck so you can enjoy the rest of your day having fun without worrying that you broke the bank on chicken nuggets.

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