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Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota: When will Theme Parks Begin to Open Up Again?

Theme parks are a great deal of fun, so it’s sad to see them closed during the pandemic. Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota examines the various circumstances surrounding them reopening.

 Theme parks may not be essential, but they sure are fun. Unfortunately, theme parks have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, shut down following state ordinances that declare gatherings as large as those at theme parks to be too unsafe considering the circumstances. Things cannot be shut down forever, however, as eventually, vaccines and better precautions will lead to businesses, theme parks included, being reopened. Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota goes deeper into just what the surrounding circumstances for reopening theme parks are.

Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota Explains When and How Theme Parks Will Open Up Again


One of the biggest obstacles for theme parks, Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota explains, are limitations placed on gatherings by various governments. In some cases, limitations are based on the number of people; some state governments declared that gatherings of 10 or more are banned, while others, such as California, have a ban on non-essential businesses being open in the state (which, as fun as they may be, theme parks are sadly non-essential). Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota points out that theme parks opening up is going to be done on a case-by-case basis, as states begin to lift restrictions on such businesses being allowed opened.

Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota points out that certain states are trying to open up various businesses sooner than others; Georgia, for example, was planning on opening up, until it was decided to push it back, per the consensus by experts on the pandemic. The unfortunate part of the situation is that even when states begin to lift these restrictions, this does not mean that all theme parks will open up, Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota explains.

Theme park owners are re-opening on a case-by-case basis themselves, wanting to make sure for themselves that both employees and guests attending the theme parks can be there without being put at risk. For instance, regardless of the lightening of restrictions that Florida is undertaking, Disney does not have definitive plans to reopen. The company has tentatively said that it is keeping Disney World closed at least until May 31st if not later, depending on how things go, Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota explains. So even if you keep yourself abreast of the initial plan that Disney had for reopening, you may want to accept the very real possibility that Disney may not be opening their parks until June, if not later than that, Jessica Brambilla of Sarasota notes. 

Then again, even if parks do begin to reopen, it would be safest to avoid them for the time being. People may be in a rush to go, and the last thing you want to do is get sick from going, fun

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