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Jessica Brambilla Discusses Why Magic Kingdom Has Been Named the World’s Best Theme Park

Theme park reviewer Jessica Brambilla discusses the recent Tripadvisor awards naming Magic Kingdom the top theme park in the world.

Tripadvisor holds its Traveler’s Choice Awards every year, ranking destinations and attractions around the globe. This year, Walt Disney World’s oldest park, Magic Kingdom, was named the No. 1 best theme park in the world. Theme park reviewer Jessica Brambilla recently discussed why Magic Kingdom ranked at the top, even after so many years in operation.

“Magic Kingdom is one of the most classic theme parks in the world,” Jessica Brambilla said. “It only gets better with age.”

Jessica Brambilla added that Magic Kingdom is the park most synonymous with the Disney World name. It’s simply not a trip to Disney World if you don’t spend at least a full day exploring Magic Kingdom. Jessica Brambilla explained that, for decades, visitors have enjoyed stepping out of reality and into the storybook that is Magic Kingdom. This park consists of multiple “lands,” which are complete with matching characters and attractions.

“Magic Kingdom is known for its iconic attractions,” Jessica Brambilla said. “Space Mountain, It’s a Small World, the Mad Tea Party — they’re all some of the most famous theme park attractions in the world.”

Jessica Brambilla explained that Magic Kingdom holds onto a historic feel that draws visitors from around the globe. Many of the attractions have been updated with new, exciting features, but they remain, at the core, the attractions that have been adored by visitors for decades. The amount of history at Magic Kingdom is something that can’t be matched.

Jessica Brambilla 1 (2)“The storybooks and Disney movies reflected throughout Magic Kingdom are ones that people have loved since they were kids,” Jessica Brambilla added. “Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Peter Pan, they can all be found in Magic Kingdom.”

Theme park reviewer Jessica Brambilla explained much of the attraction of Magic Kingdom is that everybody can relate to the classic Disney stories portrayed throughout the park. From Cinderella’s magnificent castle to Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and the Mad Tea Party ride, Magic Kingdom is full of timeless attractions and characters.

Jessica Brambilla added that Magic Kingdom is truly a park for all ages. Countless other popular parks around the globe are designed to be more suitable for certain age groups, such as older visitors looking for hair-raising coasters. Magic Kingdom offers visitors a fair share of adrenaline-pumping rides, but it also provides family rides suitable for young children, entertaining shows, parades, and more.

“Travelers who only have time to visit one park while in the Orlando area should choose the award-winning Magic Kingdom,” Jessica Brambilla finished. “It’s historic, it’s thrilling, and it’s ideal for all ages. Once you visit, it will come as no surprise that this park was named the No. 1 theme park in the world in this year’s edition of the Tripadvisor Traveler’s Choice awards.”

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