Jessica Brambilla

About Jessica Brambilla

Jessica Brambilla is a theme park aficionado, with a particular emphasis on roller coasters. Riding roller coasters has always been Jessica Brambilla’s go-to activity for a good time and a quick thrill-ride. It’s more than just a passing interest to Jessica Brambilla: she’s willing to travel as far as she needs to in order to ride the biggest and best. Whether wood or steel, standing or inverted, Jessica Brambilla welcomes every variation of coaster and gives every single one an equal chance to thrill her.

When she’s not on the rides and roller-coasters, Jessica Brambilla is taking in the live attractions and finding the best restaurants to eat at while spending a day in the park. No matter which theme park you go to, it’s safe to say the food is going to be a bit more expensive than you’re used to. Jessica Brambilla is determined to find the best quality food that will get you the most bang for your buck so you can enjoy the rest of your day having fun without worrying that you broke the bank on chicken nuggets.

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